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Prosperous & Penniless Bourbon Whiskey

Prosperous & Penniless finished Bourbon showcases aging through new American Oak sourced from Missouri, skillfully refined with the art of finishing in Fine French oak barrels from our esteemed Buena Vista Winery. These casks, which previously held our Sonoma Valley Cabernet Sauvignon, impart rich notes of stewed fruit notes that harmonize with the traditional mash bill and our barrel regime.


Product Details

  • distiller

    Master Distiller, Crispin Cain of Tamar Distillery

  • mash bill

    65% corn, 20% malted barley, 15% malted rye

  • aroma

    Sweet corn, malted grains, vanilla, fruit

  • palate

    Sweet, toasted grains, oak, vanilla, malt, caramel, butterscotch

  • aging

    Six years total in Bourbon barrels from Missouri and finished in used Cabernet Sauvignon wine barrels from Buena Vista Winery

  • color


Calistoga depot wagon
Wood texture

The life of Sam Brannan - the visionary genius behind California's Gold Rush - was marked with both spectacular prosperity and magnificent failure.  Once hailed as a dreamer, leader, and empire builder during the pinnacle of his success, this soldier of fortune died in 1880, remarkably penniless and unable to afford his own funeral.

Brannan's Calistoga Distillery gained much acclaim before he fell victim to financial ruin, and this expertly crafted spirits pay homage to the entrepreneurial spirit of his original Calistoga Distillery, founded more than 170 years ago.