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The Calistoga Star XO Barrel Aged Fine Brandy

This XO brandy showcases a range of carefully selected eau-de-vies aged for 10 to 20 years, masterfully crafted using a variety of distillation methods. This meticulous blending process bestows upon our brandy a rich tapestry of oak-derived spices, that marries complexity with fruit-forward elegance.


Product Details

  • aroma

    Candied citrus, vanilla, nutmeg, and stewed cranberries

  • palate

    Lush mouthfeel with a smooth finish; notes of dried figs, toffee, espresso, and charred citrus

  • aging

    Cellared for a minimum of 10 years and a maximum of 20 years in a combination of 40% Column aged in used Bourbon barrels and 60% Alembic aged in French Oak

  • color


Calistoga depot wagon
Whiskey barrel texture

Sam landed in San Francisco with a printing press in tow and started the town's first newspaper, The California Star, which would later herald the news of the Gold Rush and bring Sam his fortune.  With his earnings, he purchased 20,000 grapevine cuttings on a trip to Europe with the intention of producing brandy "equal to the finest brandies in France" at his distillery in Calistoga.