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The First Millionaire The First Millionaire Sacramento Single Malty Whisky

Barley is the foundation of whisky, and it has found its best expression when grown in Sacramento Valley.  It is here that this Sacramento Single Malt Whisky is crafted adhering to the esteemed traditions of American Single Malt Whisky.  Comprising solely of locally sourced, meticulously malted barley from Sacramento, it matures gracefully within a freshly charred American white oak cask.

Meticulously constructed to match the exacting standards of our wine barrels, these American white oak casks boast a lighter char and a fine-tuned capacity.  This distinctive approach ensures that the carefully selected barley takes center stage, delivering an authentic sipping experience that captures the essence of true whisky craftsmanship.


Product Details

  • aroma

    Toasted bread, candied citrus, roasted nuts

  • palate

    Butterscotch, stewed orchard fruit, dark chocolate

  • aging

    New charred American oak wine casks

  • color

    Deep amber

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The majority of miners that came to California during the Gold Rush left with about as much money as they came with. But not Sam Brannan. A genius entrepreneur and shrewd businessman, Sam cleverly plotted to make a fortune on the desperate 49ers and their demand for equipment during the Gold Rush.